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Draksharaman Bheemeshwara Swami Temple

 Draksharaman Bheemeshwara Swami Temple


There goes an interesting legend behind the existence of the Lord in this place. It is said that once a demon by name Tarakasura was on penance to please Lord Shiva. The demon had a boon given by Lord Brahma that he would be the most powerful of all and that his death would be in the hands of a son born to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati who should kill him on seventh day of his birth.

Over a period of time, Lord Shiva was pleased with his devotion and appeared before him. Tarakasura desired for a boon that he should have a Linga in his throat and that his life should end only when the Linga is broken. As the Lord is always benevolent towards his devotees, he blessed Tarakasura with his desire and said that, it will be fulfilled once the churning of the ocean, for the Amrutham (divine nectar) is completed. 

In the due course, Tarakasura attained his wish and became one of the powerful demons. He was very confident that no one would dare break the Shiva Linga in his throat and thus started troubling all the Saints and Gods by marring their peace. Worried over the issue, all the Gods went to Lord Vishnu, who is said to be the saviour. Lord Vishnu comforted them saying that the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati would come to their rescue. Over a period of time, a son was born to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati who was named as Kartikeya. Then as predicted, on the seventh day, Kartikeya, along with other Gods, went to fight the demon and kill him. A fierce battle started between them and went on to the extent of the Gods withdrawing out of fear of losing their lives.

It was then that Kartikeya prayed his father Lord Shiva, for forgiveness as he was about to break the Shiva Linga and threw his spear to hit the neck of Tarakasura. The Shiva Linga broke into five pieces and fell at five different places - Draksharamam, Kumararama, Ksheerarama, Bheemarama and Amararama. Hence, Draksharamam is said to be the place where the first piece of Shiva Linga fell. It is also said that the Linga was later installed by Veda Vyasa.  

Another tale goes that, Dakshudu (father of Sati) was holding a Yagnam and did not invite his son-in-law, Lord Shiva, and daughter, Sati. Sati repeatedly asked her husband, Lord Shiva, if she can attend the Yagnam. Though He was not willing, Lord Shiva hesitantly granted Her permission to attend the function. In the function, She was not given the due respect by her father and even Her husband was not honoured though He did not attend the function. Sati could not bear the insult and burnt herself in the fire of the Yagnam. When Lord Shiva came to know about this he became furious and thus emerged as Lord Veerabhadra swami to destroy Dakshudu.  

Unable to bear the separation with His consort, Lord Shiva took the corpse of Sati and started His divine dance 'Pralaya Thandava'. It was then that Lord Vishnu sent His Sudharshana Chakra to cut the body of Sati so that Lord Shiva would calm down from His anger. This Chakra cut the body of Sati into eighteen pieces, each of which fell in eighteen different places on the earth and came to be known as "Astha Dasa Peetham". It is said that, one part (twelfth) came and fell in Draksharamam, which is now in the form of Goddess Manikyamba in the temple premises.

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