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  • Gudlur - nIlakanTeshvara Swamy Aalayam; It lies in the Kandukur taluk of Prakasam district and was called Netrapuri in the past and is accessible by bus from Kandukur.
  • Kottapalli - A group of eight rock-cut temples in Bhairavakonda hill
  • Pittikayagulla - Pitikeswara group of temples
  • Satiavel - Remalingesvara group of temples
  • tripurAntakam - tripurantakadeva, tripurasundaridevi. (also called Kumaragiri) - Tripurantakam is historically important place. There are more than a hundred inscriptions on the walls and loose stone slabs in the temple compound. Most of these records belong to the medieval period from eleventh to sixteenth century that is from the period of the western Chalukyas to the Kakatiya period. Several local chiefs like the Velanati Chodas, Kota chiefs, and the Kakatiya rulers and their subordinates endowed the temple of Tripurantakadeva with numerous gifts. The Kayastha chiefs were the great worshippers of this God. The ground plan of the main temple at Tripurantakam is in star shape with a spacious interior garbhagriha and mandapa. It dates back to the early part of the Western Chalukyas.

  • Chirala Mandal
    • Perala - Sri Punugu Rama Lingeswara Swamy Temple.

  • Giddaluru Mandal
    • Giddaluru - Sri Pathala Nageswara Swamy Temple.

  • Maddipadu Mandal
    • Gundlapalli - Sri Someswaraswamy temple.

  • Ongole Mandal
    • Ongole - Sri Kasi Visweswara Swamy Temple.
    • Ongole - Sri Rajarajeswaraswamy temple.
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