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             By the way, the language of the Linga Purana is quite difficult tounderstand. The composition is not as skilled as in the case of many of the other Puranas. The sentences are much more long-winded, so that comprehension becomes relatively more difficult.
Suta and Other Sages We first pray to Brhama, the creator; Vishnu, the preserver; and Shiva,the destroyer. We also pray to the sages Nara and Narayana andSarasvati, the goddess of learning. Our prayers are due to the sage Vedavyasa. It is only after these prayers that we can begin to read the sacred texts.A tirtha is a place of pilgrimage. The sage Narada visited several such tirthas and eventually arrived at the forest known as naimisharanya. At that time, many other sages had assembled in naimisharanya. Theygreeted Narada warmly and offered him their respects. While all thiswas going on, who should arrive there but the suta Lomaharshana?(Sutas were a class of raconteurs. They were cross-breeds who were the offspring of kshatriya fathers and brahmana mothers. A kshatriyafathers and brahmana mothers . A brahmana belonged to the first of the four classes and a kshatriya to the second.) The sages greeted Lomaharshana and said, "You had studied thePuranas under Vedavyasa himself. Please recite for us the Purana that describes the glory of Shiva’s linga (image). It is our great good fortunethat the sage Narada is also here. He has just returned after worshipping many tingas at many tirthas. What better occasion can there be?"Lomaharshana agreed. He began with the account of the creation.



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